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Auckland`s Best Casino & Poker Service Around / Bring the thrill of Las Vegas to your next function / Make your next event a winner!


Wheel Of Fortune


Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Tables: Spin into a World of Excitement and Endless Possibilities!

Unleash the vibrant energy of a game show combined with classic casino flair at your venue with our spectacular Wheel of Fortune tables. With its iconic spinning wheel and dramatic outcomes, the game is the epitome of chance, anticipation, and pure exhilaration. Our tables ensure that every participant is wrapped up in the electric atmosphere of this timeless favourite.

Key Features:

Show-stopping Design: With a visually arresting wheel adorned with vibrant colours and marked sections, nestled on a polished stand, our Wheel of Fortune tables are a feast for the eyes, designed to draw attention and captivate players immediately.

Easy Setup & Mobility: While grand in appearance, our tables are also optimized for hassle-free transportation and quick setup, allowing for an effortless integration into any event setting.

Engaging Hosts: Our professional hosts are the life of the game, bringing a mix of charm, wit, and enthusiasm. They guide participants through every spin, amplifying the suspense and celebrating the outcomes.

Premium Game Markers: Precision-made markers and pointers ensure that every spin results in a clear outcome, while also adding to the overall aesthetic appeal and authenticity of the game.

Universal Crowd-Pleaser: The simple yet enthralling nature of the Wheel of Fortune makes it a hit at a wide range of events – from gala dinners and fundraisers to birthday celebrations and corporate retreats.

Genuine Play Experience: Upholding the essence of fair play, our Wheel of Fortune tables and hosting mechanics ensure transparent and unbiased results for every spin, allowing guests to indulge in the fun without a second thought.

By incorporating our Wheel of Fortune tables into your event, you’re not just introducing a game; you’re igniting a whirlwind of excitement, suspense, and communal celebration. As the wheel turns, the atmosphere becomes thick with anticipation, culminating in cheers and applause. Ready to give your guests a spin they’ll never forget? The Wheel of Fortune awaits!

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